Montessori Learning Farm

Four Components

We offer four components you won’t find anywhere else in The Treasure Valley.

Dedicated Teachers

Of course there are dedicated teachers all over the valley, but you likely won’t find ones like us! We’ve been married 20 years, and have 4 kids of our own. We have worked together for many years, and truly enjoy being in the company of one another.

As parents to young children ourselves, we know how important it is for a child to find the right fit. Here at Montessori Learning Farm, we want our school to feel like a second home. The vast majority of early educators are female. Which is awesome! Kids often feel comfortable with a mother figure as their teacher. And having a loving, kind, dedicated man in the classroom rounds out and completes the experience. And we find it pretty priceless.

Several parents at the school where Mr. Chris did his internship made numerous comments to him, to the lead teacher, and to the administration about how incredible it was for their child to have a man teaching them. He noticed that many of the children gravitated toward him during his time there. We are excited to offer
this advantage.

Farm Life

Students have the opportunity to interact with various farm animals each day. We have ducks, chickens, bunnies, quail, cats, horses and a dog. We have plans to welcome additional animals in the near future. Students will help collect eggs, feed and water the animals and even pet them on occasion. In the spring, we hatch ducklings and chicks, as well as butterflies and tadpoles.

Outdoor Classroom

A functional outdoor classroom is what every Montessori aspires to! This is so much more than just an outdoor space to play. It is truly an extension of the classroom, complete with lessons each child will have the opportunity to learn.

Once learned, the student can work on that lesson any time. This is such a unique and fun concept that you will wish you were back in preschool again, yourself!


Students will have the opportunity to harvest vegetables and flowers in the fall. They will learn how to wash and prepare the vegetables, and those veggies will often find their way to our table during snack time. Talk about farm to table!

Our students will be encouraged to take the produce and flowers home, to share with their families. They will learn how to take the scraps and discarded bits to the compost pile, and prepare the planting beds for winter. In the spring, they will plant
seeds, grow them into seedlings, prepare the seed beds, and then transplant the seedlings into the garden. Each day they will help to water, weed and nurture the plants. Students will harvest the early vegetables such as radishes and carrots.

Learning how our food grows and getting our hands dirty is part of the best education ever!


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